5 coolest Imported Folding Bi-cycle in India

Imported GT Folding Bicycle With 21 Shimano Gears Disc.

1. 21 Shimano Gears, 26″ Wheels with all-terrain Tires guarantee grip and ability in every maneuver.
2. Foldable Frame, High Carbon Steel Material.
3. Front & Rear Disc Brakes, Magnesium Tyres.
4. Mac Wheel Rims, Shock Absorbent.
5. Bottle Holder & Mud Guard, Hydraulic Suspension.
6. Lightweight high-end. 7. Air suspension fork.
8. Design Story: One last climb. One last push. Give it everything you’ve got. Change up a gear. Hear the gravel beneath your tires. Lean in to the curve. Accelerate again. Set your sights on the finishing line. And ride beyond it. The BMW Bike GT is a confident off-road bike for ambitious athletes. Paintwork is inspired for Imported Folding Bicycle.

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